Our Values

Work ethics and values are important in every working industry. Here at A-Efah, we have a few values of our own:

Equal employment opportunities

Non discriminatory for reasons of gender, tribe or other social class distinctions and discriminations.

Non employment of minors

The company does not employ child labour and takes a firm stance against it.

Health and Safety of Staff

The company places a premium on health and safety of its staff. There is a half-yearly medical screening of staff at company's expense. There is insistence on the use of safety gear by staff.

Continual improvement

The company pursues continual improvement of processes for better productivity and profitability.

Concern for environment

The company is pursuing its environmental management plan which is approved by the Environmental Protection Authority of Ghana.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Socially Responsible Outlook and Community Service Donations:

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Manufacturing of Quality Medicine

The factory manufactures medicines that are of high quality and internationally accepted.

Distribution of Quality Medicine

The high quality medicine produced by the company are distributed in their right conditions across the country and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Amponsah-Efah Pahrmaceuticals limited has made several donations to individuals and instituions such as schools, children homes, hospitals, communities, etc as part of the company's corporate social responsibilites over the past years. This year for instance, the company made a huge donation to the government COVID-19 Fund to gith corona virus pandemic in Ghana. We hope to expand the coverage for several responsibilities in the years ahead as the company grows.


People “just like you” work here. We welcome Pharmacists, Biochemists, Engineers.

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